About Us

JSCC Management Pty. Ltd is an independently owned service driven Consultancy and Freight Management Company. Our focus and expertise revolve around assisting companies to establish CFMS (Compliant Freight Movement Systems) in a cost effective and efficient manner. The broad differences that have been created through legislation between "Transport" and "Compliant Transport" can be confusing, costly and seemingly never ending. Our task is to simplify the Compliance Puzzle so that our clients can get on with what they do best. We offer a genuine assessment and place our clients with the most suitable service provider JSCC Management represents. We do not charge any management, consultancy or account keeping fees what so ever to our transport clients for Freight Management Services.

JSCC'S assists our clients to understand todays ever changing stringent regulations imposed on industry, it has become unrealistic to expect warehouse and dispatch staff to be fully conversant, and in turn compliant, with Chain of Responsibility laws. Non compliance however in todays legislative environment is just not an option. The risks and penalties linked to non compliance are far to great. Ask us how we can help.

JSCC Management maintains close links to industry and government bodies to ensure information and changes are assessed and made available to the transport industry and wider business community.

JSCC Management has a proven record, broad and detailed knowledge within the transport and logistics arena with 60+ year's collective experience from driving to senior management including ground up business development from seed to harvest.

This knowledge allows us swift assessment of despatch, transport and receiving operations to identify potential cost, reduction opportunities, business risk/exposure including freight presentation and paperwork.

mission Statement

To deliver superior levels of communication and service within an ever changing environment, challenging and guiding regulatory compliance for all partners small and large, above all ensuring ethical and honest business relationships.

Jscc management profile

Jscc Culture

  • Chain of Responsibility compliant
  • Service based to meet Clients needs
  • Relationship Driven
  • Rate Driven
  • Cutting edge IT solutions
  • Results Focused

Jscc service providers

  • High Exposure
  • Established 20years
  • High Customer Service / Focus
  • Advanced IT capabilities
  • Strong focus Developing and Maintaining Relationships

Jscc deliverables

Seed to Harvest solutions to establish and maintain a Compliant Supply Chain culture within your organisation IT solution for KPI's, Shipments and Associated cost's from service providers through innovative, tailor made software Australian owned

  • 60+ years collective Logistics and Transport experience
  • In House Management
  • Operational Management of all service providers
  • Customer Service Support
  • Administration Support
  • Freight Tracking