Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Legislation

Are you aware of how
 Chain of Responsibility (CoR) Legislation affects your business?

JSCC’s proven approach makes the process of becoming CoR compliant easy and importantly will enable you to demonstrate a proactive approach to addressing your requirements under Chain of Responsibility legislation.

Everyone involved in the transportation process, not only freight companies, but also any company that uses freight carriers and/or contractors, is required under Chain of Responsibility legislation to have in place formal policies and procedures that demonstrate a proactive approach to operating in a compliant manner.

JSCC has spent the past three years developing, in conjunction with the industry and key stakeholders, a proven, simple and cost effective three phase process to help you achieve compliance and demonstrate a proactive approach to CoR.


1. Discovery Phase.

JSCC Management specialises in developing customised solutions. We get to know your business so we can find the right solution to fit your operational footprint. A comprehensive review and assessment is conducted on site by our industry experts and includes:

  • Review of your internal freight documentation as well as correspondence provided by your transport providers
  • Review of your internal policies and procedures
  • Review of your transport providers and assessment of their Chain of Responsibility compliance
  • Summary of your current level of Chain of Responsibility compliance
  • Identification of the actions required to resolve any Chain of Responsibility compliance issues
  • Policy and procedure development including the creation of template documentation
  • Chain of Responsibility education and training including Executive Briefing, Internal CoR Champions, Frontline Staff and Sub Contractors

2. Bridge the Gaps

Once the Discovery Phase has been completed, our team of industry experts will work with you to address the areas that require attention. Ongoing compliance to

meet your obligations under CoR is achieved through:

3. Confirm Compliance

Once Policy and Procedures have been fully implemented, JSCC Management will organise a formal Compliance Audit. This involves a RABQSA certified Heavy Vehicle Auditor verifying the implementation of the recommendations identified in the initial Discovery Audit to ensure compliance.

JSCC Management can also provide periodic assessment audits of both your own operations and those of your suppliers to ensure compliance remains current.

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