Policies and Procedures

Does your organisation have the correct
policies and procedures in place to ensure
it can demonstrate “All Reasonable Steps” have been taken to avoid breaching COR Law?

Creating and implementing the correct policies and procedures is one of the key stages in becoming CoR compliant and helps you clearly demonstrate a proactive approach.

JSCC Management's approach makes the process of becoming CoR compliant manageable. We have spent a number of years developing, in conjunction with the industry and key stakeholders, best practice policies and procedures that can be fully customised to your business. Once developed and adopted, your organisation will have the framework in place to meet critical obligations under chain of responsibility legislation.


Policies reflect your company’s position on CoR compliance and are essential not only to help demonstrate a proactive approach, but also to change organisational behaviour by providing a clear new direction for employees.

JSCC Management’s policy development includes:

  • CoR commercial arrangements
  • CoR responsibility
  • CoR training, knowledge and awareness
  • CoR fatigue and speed
  • CoR mass compliance
  • CoR load restraint and dimension
  • CoR document and record control
  • CoR commercial arrangements
  • CoR responsibility
  • CoR training, knowledge and awareness
  • CoR heavy vehicle driver fatigue and speed risk assessment
  • CoR load site procedure
  • CoR record keeping, including PC staff and vehicle details and on-site vehicle records
  • CoR policy
  • CoR procedure
  • Company service level agreement
  • C of C contractors checklist
  • CoR internal review
  • Prime contractor audit tool


Procedures define the rules which must be followed to implement the policies and achieve compliance. Having clear CoR procedures are important so each employee can easily see the steps they need to undertake to conform to CoR policy.

JSCC Management’s procedure development includes:


JSCC Management can assist in the development of the following tools to support policy and procedure implementation: