Staff Training (CoR)

Are your staff aware of their
obligations and responsibilities
under Chain of Responsibility legislation?

JSCC simplifies the education and training of your employees by providing:

  • Onsite Training
  • Online Training

To ensure that the training is as relevant as possible to your workplace, we provide on-site training programs specifically designed to meet your business needs and reflect your policies and procedures.

Our training solutions are customised to each area of your business e.g. warehouse, operations and management and we create an integrated approach so all staff are working together to achieve chain of responsibility compliance.

It can be difficult to co-ordinate staff to attend training, especially where freight is involved, as the industry is always on the go. To address this challenge, JSCC Management has designed convenient online training to educate your staff on the correct procedures when handling and transporting freight.

Benefits Include:

  • On Demand – Training can be accessed at a time suitable to your staff
  • Access anywhere – Training can be accessed anywhere with an internet connection, providing support to regional and remote areas
  • Flexible – Modules can be paused at any time so employees can complete the training within a couple of hours or over a couple of weeks
  • Keeps your business moving – Online training removes the need to coordinate large groups to attend training which slows your business down
  • Low cost – this delivery option provides a cost effective alternative to traditional training approaches

Educating and training your staff is one of the key stages in becoming CoR compliant and helps you clearly demonstrate a proactive approach.

JSCC combines over 60 years experience in the freight, haulage and training industries to provide the most comprehensive chain of responsibility education and training available. In collaboration with our training partner, a learning experience is delivered that produces tangible benefits for both your people and your organisation.

No two companies are the same and as such a flexible training solution is tailored to your business’ specific needs and culture. Training can be conducted either on-site or online so you can carry out the sessions at a time and place most suitable to you, minimising interruptions to your business.

*Through our partner Registered Training Organisations, we can also explore where your organisation may be eligible for Federal and State funding assistance with regard to training delivery and deliver accredited training in Certificate III & IV Transport & Warehouse, Certificate IV Frontline Management, Certificate IV Project Management and Diploma of Management.

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