JSCC and Advanced Laser Technology Case Study

JSCC and Advanced Laser Technology Case Study

JSCC has completed numerous air and sea freight assignments for Advanced Laser Technology.

We are adept at handling ALT's very expensive equipment, supplying the correct commercial invoices, and producing clear packing lists which are essential for shipments entering China. Any technical changes needed to be made we deal with efficiently then update the commercial invoices and packing lists during transit, transit time is unaffected. The shipment is followed as soon as it is collected and we give regular detailed parcel updates. Our process is reliable, fast and thorough.

A statement from Roger Hardacre – Commercial Director : "We engage you because of your capability and understanding of our export needs and responses in getting quotes to us, modifying our documentation if a change is needed and arranging special pick-up conditions if we need it.  We find you reliable, cost effective and able to complement our own export team and resources."


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