JSCC and LIG Case Study

JSCC and LIG Case Study

JSCC sets the benchmark in efficient, cost-effective and compliant freight services.

We regularly find ourselves called in to trouble-shoot shipments which have been complicated by inaccurate or incorrect documentation and other failures by sub-standard service providers. Here is an example:

We were contacted by Alex Sheppard from LIG Nanowise Ltd to arrange a delivery from China to arrive in the UK via airfreight. From the inital email requesting the quote, JSCC advised LIG Nanowise of the correct documentation and procedures that are required to ensure the smooth transport of the cargo. With the correct documents in place the cargo left China, arrived into Manchester, cleared customs and was delivered direct that day. This is the JSCC quality standard.

A few weeks later LIG Nanowise notified us that they were awaiting a parcel to be delivered from China to arrive at Manchester Airport which was shipped by a Chinese company. We quickly ascertained that none of the documentation was in place for the parcel to arrive smoothly into the UK. Further, we discovered that the shipment was incorrectly documented as having the value of the original purchase price even though the shipment was for a repair with a zero sales value. LIG Nanowise were required to pay UK duties and taxes of around £35,000 instead of £0. The shipment was significantly delayed beyond its expected delivery date and incurred additional storage costs. JSCC assisted the client to achieve clearance of the shipment and complete the necessary documention to obtain a refund of duties.  

Alex and his team were very relieved when JSCC took over the control of this parcel. Commenting on the shipment, he said: 

"Tina and her team really went the extra mile to help us after errors in documentation from a business partner of ours threatened to land us with a hefty customs charge despite the fact we were simply carrying out repairs under a product’s warranty. Through their knowledge (JSCC) of the correct processes we were able to make sure that we were in a position to get a refund on the duty after we shipped the item back. This assistance when dealing with complex situations at customs control and under time constraints had a very positive impact. All our local and International transport is now managed by JSCC."





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