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International Freight
JSCC and it's suppliers specialise in International freight globally.  We offer door to door service for air, sea and land freight for loose container loads (LCL) and full container loads (FCL).  Our suppliers are authorised to handle most classes of Dangerous goods.   No matter where you are looking to move freight from, our International Freight team can handle freight from any point to any point around the globe.  Additionally our International online booking system, will save you time and money for repeat shipments.  
Domestic Freight 
JSCC and it's suppliers specialise in all areas of domestic freight including air, sea and land transport.   From pallets to cartons to any form of bulk or 'ugly' freight, JSCC Management have the expertise, resources and technology to drive efficiency and cost effectiveness into your supply chain.  Above all, JSCC Management does not just supply freight movement, we supply compliant freight movement. 
3PL and Warehousing
Our Australian division of JSCC Management offers 3PL and warehousing.  For all your 3PL and Warehousing needs contact our JSCC Management sales team and let us help you to get your 3PL and warehousing in order.  We expect to make an announcement regarding our Europe division in the near future. 
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